If you'd like your Sphere to hang from a tree, or placed in a tree...or just about anywhere, or just can't find the time to pick up and install your sphere...you needn't worry!
     For little cost, prompt delivery and installation services are available.
(offer limited to in or around Sonoma Co., Ca)

Wine Country Garden Art

Sebastopol, Ca


Wine Country Garden Art
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Wine Barrel Hoop Garden Spheres & Oak Barrel Stave Stands 

"Wine barrel hoop garden spheres" is quite a mouthful, I know. Some folks just call them spheres, but I've heard them called gazing balls, lawn balls, garden orb's, hoop spheres and so on.

Whatever you call them, they are very cool. 
Each sphere is unique.

Average Diameter (estimated, in inches):
                                                                    small sphere- 22"
                                                                    medium sphere- 26"
                                                                    large sphere- 30"

    We are thrilled to tell you that we can always fill any size order. Any number, in any of the sizes you need!
We are also pleased to let you know...
All our barrel hoop gazing balls
(or garden spheres) 
in small, medium and large sizes
 are only $20 each
(ask about discounts for larger orders)

we now offer both stands that are staked into the ground as well as our new free-standing stands with concrete bases (above)

These are really more specifically a gazing ball than are our other spheres. Also, you can probably tell just from looking at them, that they are a bit more difficult to create than our standard spheres.
Each woven sphere is $165 
(roman column not included)

For a super-sized order of joy, you could go larger than large with our 
"Super Massive" garden spheres!"
They are about 40 inches across!

 All of our Super Massive garden spheres are $115, or $130, if you'd like them painted

Garden Sphere Options

You can specify your wishes about these elements of your sphere:
Some of our gazing orbs are perfect spheres and some more ovoid. Some might show a bit of rust where the zinc has warn away; others are bright and shiny. If you have any preferences, just ask. 
We have the right sphere or set of sphere's to personalize and enhance your space.
Did you know that If hung from a tree, they'll slowly spin?
For a few dollars more, you can specifically request a hanging sphere; they come with special
hardware for hanging from a tree, a ceiling,an awning, your rear view mirror or pierced belly button.  (use your best judgment) 

You can also have your sphere come in one of four bright colors. We offer blue, green, yellow and red.
However, we don't mind if you get the  kids to paint them.
Price List for
Spheres & Stands

Sorry, we no longer are able to ship spheres or sphere stands!
So come to us and choose your own or place an order and well deliver them locally.

* Garden Spheres (sizes: Sm., Med. Lg.)- $20 each 
(discounts offered on purchases of ten or   more) 

*woven wine barrel hoop garden sphere- $165

* "Super massive!" Garden Spheres- $115 each 

* Hanging Garden Spheres (with hardware)- $25 each 

* Painted Garden Spheres (blue, green, yellow & red)- $28 each 

* one staked in the ground Barrel Stave Stand (no sphere)- $55 each

* One free-standing Barrel Stave Stand (no sphere)_ $70

* one Barrel Stave Stand and 1 Sphere (sm, med, or lg)- $65 for both or $80 with a free standing stand

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